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Excalibur Tool Makes Reliable CNC Machines with FANUC Technology

Machine tool builder Excalibur Tool has integrated FANUC robots, and CNC controls into their grinding machines for optimal efficiency, consistency, and overall performance.


  • Build a 6-axis grinding machine for double-ended tools
  • Acquire precision, efficiency, and flexibility in an automation solution
  • Select reliable, durable products that are easy to use


  • A Top-of-the-Line Tool Grinding Machine

  • Lifetime Support Network

  • Worry-Free Operation with Foolproof Products



Excalibur Tools was tasked with developing and building a machine for a client that could efficiently and precisely produce double-ended tools like Allen wrenches. Incorporating a FANUC robot into this machine and including a part flipper allowed Excalibur to create a repeatable process that could efficiently grind both ends of a tool.

Equipped with a FANUC Series 30i-B CNC and integrated with a FANUC LR Mate 200iD robot for machining tending, the ERG-6 RoboGrind processes the parts only once, which has increased production for the client by 300%.

Additionally, communications between the robot and CNC have been simplified by using FANUC I/O Link i. This system enables the robot to automatically adjust lengths or cycle times when a different part program is entered into the CNC, eliminating extra programming as well as minimizing miscommunication.

Daniel Wayman – Excalibur Tool

FANUC has lifetime support on all their parts. I don’t have to worry about the FANUC end of things or the support end of things because I have them behind me.

Daniel Wayman

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About Excalibur Tool Inc.

Excalibur Tool Inc. provides value-priced CNC tool grinders for end mills, drills, routers, and burrs to the tool grinding industry. For more than 10 years, Excalibur has been innovating tool grinding machines to help tool manufacturers produce their products more efficiently and consistently. 

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