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Precision CNC Machining & Robotics Solutions Deliver Efficiency

With FANUC robots, Camcraft and Matrix are able to reach high production goals, reduce inefficiencies, and improve the quality of their end products.


  • Integrate automation to meet high productivity goals
  • Improve inefficient machine loading processes
  • Enhance time-consuming manual production that detracts from quality control


  • Higher efficiency of production

  • Increased quality of products

  • Reduced need for tedious manual labor

  • Reliable service and support partner



In order to achieve the levels of productivity necessary to meet customer demand, Camcraft needed to embrace automation. With the integration of a FANUC robotic arm, Camcraft increased the efficiency of its operations, and this early adoption of automation technology has transformed Camcraft’s approach to production.

The versatility of FANUC controls has made it easy for Camcraft to program hundreds of different machines with various functionalities. Camcraft has also benefited from roboting loading and unloading technology, reducing their need for repetitive manual labor and increasing the quality and volume of parts produced.

In order to provide the best solutions to their customers and support the development of challenging new products, Camcraft has partnered with Matrix Design, a provider of industrial automation solutions, which works with customers to develop, build, and install automation systems for their unique purposes.

We’ve been a FANUC partner and authorized system integrator for 20 years now. The advantages that we have working with FANUC are, number one, it’s the best robot on the market. Number two, they have such a wide variety of robots that we don’t have to go to other robot manufacturers for our robot selection. It makes it very easy for our sales and automation engineers to spec out and select robots.

Jeff Bennet

Vice President of Sales, Matrix
Thad Stefan – Matrix

FANUC has a great support structure. You could call the hotline at any time or you could pull it up on your laptop and speak to someone live right at that time. From simple questions to ‘I need this gasket’ to ‘my robot’s down,’ you can get that support at any time.

Thad Stefan

Applications Engineer, Matrix

FANUC Products Used

camcraft and matrix

About Camcraft

Established in 1950, Camcraft got its start in the production of simple parts and components, and for more than half a century, they have prided themselves on providing solutions for machined parts applications to their customers. In 2000, Camcraft shifted its focus to the manufacturing of hydraulic components, including bore finishing, grinding and metrology technologies. Today, Camcraft continues its production of mobile hydraulic components, as well as components for the aerospace, automotive, and on and off highway industries.

Matrix Design began in 2000 with the intent of rebuilding grinding machines with robots. It has since evolved to focus on providing automation solutions to a range of industries, making automation solutions more accessible and effective.

Camcraft and Matrix Design merged in 2013. Matrix is an authorized system integrator of FANUC.

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