Case Study

FANUC Cobots Save Production Space and Costs at Flex-N-Gate

In their production of car bumpers, FANUC Cobots have helped Flex-N-Gate cut costs, improve product quality, and minimize downtime with easy-to-learn technology and lifetime support.


  • Ensure products meet quality standards requires monitoring by expensive equipment
  • Work around the use of traditional robots that require substantial space and fencing to safeguard equipment and workers
  • Create an environment where employees are comfortable working with robots


  • Reduced Equipment Costs

  • Improved Worker Safety

  • Floor Space Savings

  • Minimal Downtime

  • Service First Guarantee



Before integrating FANUC collaborative robots into their facility, Flex-N-Gate needed to install costly camera systems to monitor product consistency. Instead of installing upwards of 10 cameras at each station (with cameras costing up to $10,000 a piece), they can use a single camera with a FANUC Cobot, which moves the camera where it needs to be to inspect the process.

With FANUC Cobots, Flex-N-Gate has improved the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and quality of their production processes. Because Cobots are collaborative and safe to use, they don’t need to be caged off, unlike other larger robots, and they take up minimal floor space, leaving more room for clear pathways and other equipment.

What I’ve noticed about the collaborative robots is that they’re really easy for the operators to work around and with.

Mike Lambert

Controls Technician
Jeremy Ferris - Flex-N-Gate

My dealings with the FANUC robots thus far have been nothing but great because we have very, very little downtime. They’re compact, they’re small, but they’re mighty.

Jeremy Ferris

Assembly Supervisor

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About Flex-N-Gate

Flex-N-Gate began in 1956 with aftermarket parts and transitioned to O.E. in 1968, focusing on providing the highest quality systems and parts to the automotive industry. Today, they primarily manufacture car bumpers with the same quality standard around the world.

As innovators who strive to provide defect-free products, Flex-N-Gate offers comprehensive solutions to their customers with resources and services, including product engineering, project management, testing, stamping, welding, molding, painting, plating, assembly, and shipping.

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