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Kemco Aerospace Automates CNC Machine Tending to Grow Business

Kemco’s new automated process using a FANUC robot to tend three machine tools equipped with FANUC CNCs increased efficiency and production resulting in new business.

Challenges solved by:


  • Need to integrate automation to stay competitive
  • Achieve high, consistent standards with a fully autonomous system
  • Maintain accurate part production, placement, and inspection without manual intervention


  • Increased productivity and efficiency

  • Standardized training and operations

  • Streamlined the “seamless” integration between equipment



Kemco had the opportunity to bid on a large package of work for an aerospace manufacturer and needed to compete with an aggressive quote to win the order.

Because Kemco predominantly uses FANUC controls in their shop, the company brought in Industrial Tool, Inc., a FANUC ASI integrator, to design a truly unattended automated robotic system that would increase throughput and boost efficiency.

As part of the automated robotic cell, a FANUC M-710iC robot, assisted by 3D vision, machine tends a lathe and two mills, all equipped with FANUC 0i-F controls.

The result landed Kemco the aerospace supplier contract because their quote guarantees the delivery of consistent high-quality parts at a cost that was competitive, yet still provided Kemco with an adequate margin.

FANUC is the majority of our shop. It’s great because it’s so widely used in the industry. When we’re looking for new machine operators, it’s nice to know that it’s not a niche market. It helps us to be able to recruit people and bring them in-house.

Delena Haefner

Vice President of Operations
Dan Ladenberger – Kemco

There are no human touches within the cell, which create a very substantial repeatability in the process of manufacturing. The lack of human interaction with the cell actually creates a substantial amount of quality benefits because you don’t have human error in load and unload.

Dan Ladenberger


Meet Industrial Tool, Inc. Authorized System Integrator

Kemco reached out to Industrial Tool, Inc. (ITI), an authorized FANUC integrator, for guidance on integrating automation into their operations. Because Kemco wanted a truly unattended robotics system that could identify and quarantine bad parts, ITI worked with them to integrate FANUC systems into their production process.


About Kemco Aerospace

Kemco Aerospace is one of the United States’ largest independent aerospace machining shops with specializations in various aspects of aerospace manufacturing, including prototyping, complex assembly, high-volume machining, and more. With a focus on solving their customers’ most difficult manufacturing problems, Kemco is passionate about integrating innovative engineering solutions to help their customers achieve their goals. 

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