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Automate - After the Show

April 23, 2019

Automate 2019 Show Recap

Automate 2019 hosted a record-breaking number of attendees – early estimates show that over 25% more people visited compared with Automate 2017.  If you missed the show, here are a few highlights of FANUC’s booth:

Green Cobot Zone

As seen publicly for the first time in the Americas, FANUC’s new CR-14iA/L collaborative robot is the sixth model in our series of green cobots. The CR-14iA/L further expands FANUC’s robust cobot payload range of 4-35kg.  Like the entire family of collaborative robots, the CR-14iA/L combines FANUC’s world-renowned technology, proven reliability and a very sensitive built-in sensor that allows it to work safely alongside people in a variety of industrial/manufacturing jobs including machine tending, dispensing, inspection, kitting, palletizing, e-commerce, and more. 

At the show, FANUC’s green (safe) collaborative zone featured the new CR-14iA/L and its five cobot siblings in a variety of hands-on demonstrations that highlighted easy setup and programming in two modes of operation:

  • Hand Guidance feature allowed visitors to use a joystick to instruct the robot to perform different movements and record paths.
  • The iHMI Guide has an intuitive user interface on the robot teach pendant, with step-by-step guided tutorials and other helpful utilities.Even first time robot users were able to create a program for a simple handling task and execute it in just a few minutes.

FANUC’s simplified robot programming helps customers improve efficiencies during system setup and maintenance. 

Watch a video from the Cobot Zone:

What we heard from visitors about hand guidance: 

The overall response was “so cool!” from people who tried our easy programming techniques.  Here are just a few comments we received about hand guidance:

  • "That’s much faster than any other method I’ve seen."
  • "Even our manager can program a robot!"
  • "Using a joystick to program a path is so easy."
  • "It's really awesome you can record full paths that quickly."
  • "Wow, that is such a simple process!"
  • "I guess you really can program a robot in minutes."

Here’s what we heard from visitors about iHMI:

  • "It’s great for people who know nothing about programming robots, like me!"
  • "Wow - being able to see a real time graphic of the directions of robot frames (jog assist screen) and a visual representation of the forces acting on the robot (collaborative monitor screen) is so helpful."
  • "Our operators would like to learn how to program a robot directly from the teach pendant instead of having to go on the internet or attend a training class -- this is perfect for that."
  • "The graphics in the step-by-step guides are awesome and make it really easy."

Get More with FANUC Cobots >

Zero Down Time – Augmented Reality Experience

Also for the first time ever at Automate 2019 we debuted an all-new augmented reality (AR) experience featuring a variety of manufacturing situations where ZDT can help.  The experience included six common manufacturing challenges printed on two graphic display panels that simulated manufacturing facilities.  Each story has a 3D image with markers that connect to a mobile APP.   

Watch a video of the AR Experience:

What we heard from visitors about our ZDT AR Experience: 

  • "Well, my mind is officially blown!"
  • "This helps me understand how ZDT can help."
  • "I can identify with many of the scenarios explained in a very cool AR display!"
  • "One of the most clever and engaging displays I’ve seen."

No matter what industry you’re in, the prospect of maintaining consistent production uptime and reducing costs equates to a competitive advantage - which is what ZDT offers our customers.

Access FANUC’s ZDT Augmented Reality experience in three easy steps:

  1. Download the ZDT Experience brochure to your PC or laptop.
  2. Text ZDT28 to 43506 to download and install the ZDT Augmented Realty APP.
  3. Scan each interactive element to learn how ZDT can help maximize your efficiency.

In addition to cobots and ZDT, FANUC featured a variety of our latest intelligent robots including:

  • 3D visual tracking with the popular LR Mate 200iD robot
  • Compact and powerful P-40iA paint robot
  • FANUC SCARA robots in a variety of high-speed applications
  • High-speed handling featuring the M-2iA/3SL delta and LR Mate 200iD/7LC food/clean room robots
  • Distribution order fulfillment with the M-10iD/12 robot and the latest 3DV/400 Vision Sensor
  • Palletizing/de-palletizing mixed loads with the compact M-410iC/110 robot and easy-to-use PLC Motion Interface

Learn more about FANUC ZDT >

Need more information on any of FANUC’s robots and automation displays from Automate 2019? Please contact us today.

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