6 Competitive Advantages of Using Digital Twins

What reproduces the authentic look, behavior and sound of cutting parts? A digital twin, of course. A digital twin connects to the CNC control code. It then uses kinematics – the motion of the objects – to create a virtual environment.

Digital twins transform analog processes to the digital ones, providing users with several competitive advantages. Here are six:

1.  Faster proof of concept – users can test the system to confirm the machine logic.  Testing parameters in the virtual environment makes advanced setups possible during design, not after.

2.  Design part programs faster – programmers can test G-code without taking a machine out of production.

3.  Immersive and safe training – again without taking the machine offline.

4.  Virtual commissioning – the machine tool stays in operation, minimizing downtime.

5.  Better customer support – before a machine tool technician could even arrive, a remote customer support team can diagnose the problem. 

6.  Digitalization of the machine shop – FANUC partners with companies to provide this technology for end-to-end digitalization, from CAM to control, to maximize process flow.

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