Need Predictive Maintenance Capabilities? Get FANUC AI Servo Monitor

By: Debra Schug, CNC Strategic Communications Specialist, FANUC America

Knowing how to prevent unplanned downtime is key to any productive and profitable operation, which is why FANUC created AI Servo Monitor.

AI Servo Monitor automatically creates a baseline model of the machine while running in a normal state. An anomaly score produced expresses a difference in the baseline model and the daily recorded values. When this value exceeds the predefined thresholds, email notifications can be issued with warnings that some type of machine failure could be imminent.

Here are six key points to know about AI Servo Monitor:

  1. No cloud necessary: All collected data can remain solely on the user’s premises and does not require an external connection to the cloud.
  2. No additional sensors needed: AI Servo Monitor monitors the motor’s speed and torque obtained directly from the servomotor or spindle motor.
  3. Connects to legacy FANUC CNCs: AI Servo Monitor works with most FANUC CNCs and FANUC servos from the FS16i/18i-B systems and newer.
  4. Save money on service costs: Because AI Servo Monitor provides insight into the machine’s mechanical elements before a problem occurs, easier and less costly fixes can be made.
  5. Easily monitor data: Through a web interface, authorized personnel can monitor the anomaly score displayed in intuitive graphs.
  6. MT-Linki is a requirement: Operations that already use MT-Linki to monitor their shopfloor can start taking advantage of AI Servo Monitor now, but those that don’t will need MT-Linki installed.

AI Servo Monitor can boost your production by enhancing the reliability of the servo and spindle motors and mechanical machine components. You’ll have the peace of mind that your operations are running and optimized through reliable data insights.

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