Why Programming a FANUC Robot is Easier Than Ever Before

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When it comes to programming a FANUC industrial robot, recent software enhancements have made things much easier, thanks in large part to FANUC’s latest CRX collaborative robots. A key reason that FANUC’s cobots have become so popular is their ease of use and intuitive programming with a Tablet Teach Pendant (TP).

“The new Tablet TP provides our customers with an easier way to program standard robot applications,” said Phil Zanotti, Sr. Engineer, General Industries & Automotive Segment, FANUC America. “It’s currently available on FANUC’s six-axis robots, and we’ll see more to come in the next few months. The Tablet TP makes programming a FANUC industrial robot as easy as programming a FANUC cobot or using a smart device for that matter.”

Customers Now Have a Choice: iPendant or Tablet TP

Although FANUC’s traditional iPendant has evolved and become less complicated over the years with modern touch screen functionality, enhanced capabilities and less buttons, it is still most attractive to existing customers. These customers likely have one or more employees who are experienced robot programmers and prefer to use the iPendant.

On the flip side, there’s been a significant demand for automation from companies that are either new to robotics or challenged to find skilled labor to support their growth, or both. For these customers, ease of use is one of the highest priorities related to their automation purchase. They may have delayed purchasing their first robot because the perception has been that robot programming required higher skills.

Addressing the Labor Shortage

The new Tablet TP is yet another way that FANUC is helping companies address labor concerns. Why? It’s easy for inexperienced operators to quickly learn and cross-train their co-workers. Now, customers will not necessarily have to rely on that one person on the team who can program a robot. So, if someone calls in sick, any of the trained team members can jump in and get the job done.

It’s important to keep in mind that the workforce now consists of many people who grew up using smartphones and tablets and feel very comfortable using that technology in their personal lives. Having familiar equipment on the job makes it easier to train people. Once an employee successfully assumes new responsibilities, it not only raises their confidence level and earnings potential, but it’s also more likely that they will stay and grow with that company.

FANUC’s New Tablet TP – Features and Benefits

The Tablet TP offers powerful functionality, including:

  • Simple drag-and-drop programming interface with easy robot setup screens. To teach or program a robot, an operator simply drags and drops icons along a timeline.
  • An e-stop button for maximum safety in the robot work cell
  • Easy creation of custom screens for operation and monitoring using a Software Development Kit (SDK).
  • Available across all of FANUC’s six-axis industrial robots for any type of application. Look for the Tablet TP to accommodate additional FANUC robots very soon.

Whatever the industry, the Tablet TP is designed to help anyone learn to program a robot in a matter of minutes.

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