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FANUC Offers CNC Guide Trial Version for Free

June 17, 2020

FANUC Offers CNC Guide Trial Version for Free

FANUC understands 2020 has created many challenges for manufacturers— in particular, machine tool users and builders. To help our customers through some of the economic obstacles, we are offering a free trial version of CNC Guide, FANUC’s PC-based virtualization platform for control design, training and part programming. 

FANUC’s CNC Simulation Tool for Upskilling

The latest numbers to come out from Oxford Economics show US factories have suffered worse in the last few months from the economic effects of the pandemic crisis than in any other time in recent history, including the Great Depression. When operations need to do more with less, many times a total business rethink is necessary.

Now is the time for innovation and doing things differently. One area to start is to retool your workforce and digitize your operations with FANUC’s CNC Guide. The PC-based software offers hands-on, simulated training on FANUC CNC operations, part programming and testing in a virtual environment.

Simulated training tools offer an immersive and safe way to learn how to operate CNCs, even for novice or CNC-phobic operators. Because CNC Guide can create digital twins of machine controls, programmers can test G-code programs with no risk of damaging the actual machine.

Digitize to Optimize Operations

CNC Guide users can also learn how to get more from FANUC controls by experimenting in the virtual environment with performance-enhancing features.

In addition, when adding on the Cycle Time Estimate function to CNC Guide, the cycle time of a NC program can be quickly and accurately estimated on a PC before being executed on an actual machine.

CNC Guide used with our conversational programming software Manual Guide i can be a simplified CAD/CAM package. This platform enables programming on a PC instead of the machine tool, so equipment stays in production to minimize downtime and maximize throughput.

Machine Tool Builders’ Benefits

FANUC’s CNC Guide is not only beneficial for machine tool operators, but also builders. Machine tool builders can get a competitive edge by using CNC Guide to prove out their design concepts faster. By employing CNC Guide to create a digital twin of their machine’s CNC, machine tool builders can test the Programmable Machine Control (PMC) system to confirm the machine logic. Additionally, because the software enables easy testing of parameters in the virtual environment, the advanced setup of many parameters is possible during the machine design, which can significantly cut development time and get the machine much quicker to market.

CNC Guide also improves machine tool customization. Machine tool builders can use CNC Guide to easily develop and debug custom screens created with FANUC PICTURE, our PC-based application for MTBs to program user-interfaces, or those created with C Language Executor and Macro Executor programs.

Finally, machine tool builders can boost their customer support with CNC Guide by keeping digital twins of their machines “in the field.” If a customer might experience an issue with one of these machines, builders have an exact digital replica to assist them in troubleshooting any problems.

One-Time-Only for a Limited Time

This free CNC Guide Trial Offering will only be available until September 2020, so you have to act fast. Go to our CNC Guide Free Trial information page to contact us and start your free trial now.

When ready to purchase CNC Guide, FANUC offers flexible packages with single or multi-seat licenses available. Special academic packages are also available for educational institutions.

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