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The latest news and product updates from the world's leading supplier of factory automation. For media inquiries, please email Public Relations.

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FANUC America Demonstrates Robotic and Automation Technologies at ATX West

by FANUC America | Jan 09, 2024
FANUC America, the leading supplier of CNCs, robotics and ROBOMACHINEs will showcase its robot, cobot, and factory automation solutions at ATX West in Anaheim, CA, Feb. 6-8, in Booth #4500.

For Immediate Release

ROCHESTER HILLS, MI – (Jan. 9, 2024) – FANUC America, a world leader in CNCs, robotics, and ROBOMACHINEs will showcase its robot, cobot, and factory automation solutions at ATX West in Anaheim, CA, Feb. 6-8, in Booth #4500.

CRX Cobot Demonstrations

Assembly with the Power Motion i-Model A The CRX-10iA cobot with the Power Motion i-Model A (PMi-A) will simulate brake rotor assembly. The PMi-A moves parts into position for the CRX, presses a simulated rivet into the part, and performs quality inspection of the rivet press. FANUC's Robot ON-SITE enables the robot to control the functionality and actions through robotic programming with the ability to “talk” to the CNC G-code program.

Palletizing - A CRX-25iA robot with a 30kg payload and 1,889mm reach will demonstrate case palletizing. Guided by a 3DV/200 iRVision® sensor mounted to the arm, the CRX-25iA will palletize boxes to nearly 7’ high. In addition, the CRX-25iA will be mounted to a mobile cart to showcase its flexibility. The robot can be easily repositioned by hand and uses vision to automatically adjust to its new location and continue working accurately.

Easy Programming - A CRX-10iA demo showcases the cobot’s ease of use. Attendees can try the cobot’s intuitive hand guidance and simple Tablet TP programming with drag and drop icons.

FANUC’s series of CRX collaborative robots all provide the utmost reliability, flexibility, and can run for eight years without maintenance.


FANUC recently expanded its line of four-axis SCARA robots to include the SR-3iA/U ceiling mount featuring a full 360-degree work envelope with no dead zones, the robot can access any point within its reach. In addition, FANUC’s SCARA lineup also includes the SR-3iA/C and SR-6iA/C cleanroom variants.

High-Speed Tracking - The SR-3iA/U ceiling mount SCARA robot has a 3kg payload and 350 mm reach. The SR-3iA/U will use iRVision 3DV and iRPickTool to pick various parts from a moving circular conveyor, move them to a 2D camera for inspection, then place them onto an outfeed conveyor into the appropriate Pass/Fail locations.

Packing Medical Vials - A FANUC SR-12iA robot with the Environmental Option will pack and unpack trays of medical vials into a bin, and then pick up and transfer a full bin to demonstrate the SR-12iA’s payload capability. The SR-12iA robot with the Environmental Option includes white epoxy coating, bellow covers, anti-rust bolts and seals, and an IP65 rating to withstand dust and liquids.

FANUC MT-LINKi Optimizes Shop Floor Connectivity

For machine shops looking to take advantage of IoT data, MT-LINKi provides real-time equipment status and conditions info as well as other important production and maintenance data.

MT-LINKi can monitor an entire factory and the data can be viewed using web browsers or a tablet device. Since MT-LINKi can monitor various sensors connected to machine tools, it is a simple way to bring a facility into the IIoT universe.

Built-in Intelligence

FANUC offers application software for packaging and palletizing, integrated iRVision® and tracking features, ROBOGUIDE simulation, Dual Check Safety (DCS), and Zero Down Time (ZDT) to help customers monitor and manage their automation.

About FANUC America Corporation

FANUC America Corporation is a subsidiary of FANUC CORPORATION in Japan, and provides industry-leading CNC systems, robotics and ROBOMACHINEs. FANUC’s innovative technologies and proven expertise help manufacturers in the Americas maximize productivity, reliability and profitability.

FANUC America is headquartered at 3900 W. Hamlin Road, Rochester Hills, MI 48309, and has facilities throughout North and South America. For more information, please call: 888-FANUC-US (888-326-8287) or visit our website: . Also, connect with us on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

FANUC America Corporation PR contact:

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Factory Automation: Debra Schug
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