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FANUC Panel iH Pro

FANUC PANEL iH Pro is an industrial panel PC that can be used with the FANUC Series 30i-B or B-Plus and/or the 0iF Plus (Type 0) CNCs with the iHMI.

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Key features include:

  • Ease of use: The LCD comes in various sizes including for the 4:3 display, 10.4”, 15”, 19” and for 16:9 display, 21.5”(21.5” supports both portrait and landscape orientation).

  • Increased processing power: The latest technology, supporting 6th generation Xeon/Celeron processor, can run more software simultaneously.

  • More memory: The main memory has up to 32GB available with ECC.

  • Increased storage: Up to two M.2 SSD up to 240GB each, 500GB HDD is an option.

  • Improved video output: The display port comes standard, with an optional DVI output and no special cable needed for either output.

  • Greater flexibility: The Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system unlocks a large number of commercial application and allows custom software applications to be developed.

  • Secure operating system: Easily locking down the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise to prevent modifications.

  • Reduce parts: The 21.5”, along with FANUC Picture, can work towards eliminating the hardware keyboard and/or operator’s panel.

  • Other specs: The PCMCIA card slot is removed, HSSB port is an option (required for iHMI software) and 4 Ethernet ports come as standard.

  • Two expansion slots enable custom hardware to be integrated for special applications.

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