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CNC Training Via A Digital Twin | FANUC’s CNC Machining Simulation for Workforce Development

FANUC’s Machining Simulation for Workforce Development offers virtual training on FANUC controls operation, part programming and more. The realistic simulation software, powered by ModuleWorks, can be operated now as 5-axis and 3-axis mills or a 2-axis lathe.

Our platform creates a digital twin of the machine tool and simulates the cutting process. Using actual CNC position data, the digital twin provides an accurate and realistic depiction of actual machine behavior.

The following options are available:

  • Machining Simulation for Workforce Development, Essential

  • Machining Simulation for Workforce Development, Version Upgrade

  • Machining Simulation for Workforce Development (Option 1), Complex Milling Extension

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*Please note: To use the Machining Simulation for Workforce Development software, a full version of CNC Guide is required. Learn more by visiting our CNC Guide page.

5-axis training to develop advance CNC machine tool operators

The Machining Simulation for Workforce Development’s Complex Milling Extension offers 5-axis simulation training. This software option allow users to learn how to setup and work with three common advanced 5-axis milling machines: mixed type, tool type and table type.

Video: CNC Guide and Machining Simulation for Workforce Development

Because 5-axis machining involves more complicated setups with many options for machine performance, this software option allows the user the invaluable opportunity to experiment with those features on a Windows PC, via CNC Guide or a FANUC CNC. All done in a safe environment without risk to expensive machinery or taking any actual machines out of production. CNC Guide supports milling, turning and 5-axis features.

Provided in the simulation are digital twins of the most common 5-axis milling machines:

Mixed Type Machining Simulation

Mixed Type


Table Type


Tool Type

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