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FANUC MT-LINKi - Providing Ultimate Shopfloor Connectivity

FANUC MT-LINKi and FANUC MT-LINKi Integration Server are fully scalable, out-of-the-box machine tool monitoring solutions that can monitor and manage data from one to one thousand machines.  Operational and production data is monitored and collected using a PC and an Ethernet connection.  A variety of data points are automatically collected, including alarm history, macro variables & signal history, servo/spindle motor currents & temperatures, battery & fan status, feed rate overrides and more. 

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MT-LINKi can connect to FANUC CNCs as well as robots and other devices like PLCs via an OPC UA server protocol.  Some legacy FANUC CNCs can also be connected using an Ethernet converter.  MT-LINKi can monitor an entire factory and the data can be viewed using web browsers or a tablet device. Since MT-LINKi can monitor various sensors connected to machine tools, it is a simple way to bring a facility into the IIoT universe.

The MT-LINKi software connects the equipment, collects the data, monitors machine performance and communicates the data to an upper host system.  With the MT-LINKi Integration Server, data from multiple sites/locations can be consolidated for enterprise-wide data collection solutions. 

MT-LINKi deploys MongoDB for Data Base management. MongoDB (from humongous) is a free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program. Classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with schemas. MongoDB can be communicated to an upper host system or custom web screens created using free, open source software.


FANUC MT-LINKi - Powered By Industry 4.0

When every second counts on your shop floor, efficiency is key. You need to have plant floor insights as they are happening to help you achieve operational excellence. With FANUC MT-LINKi you can connect to your floor, and view a snapshot of your plant’s operations on any PC, tablet device, or conveniently located monitors on your shop floor. View any machine’s up-to-date status, view cycle times of programs, track production and much more. Open up a world of industry 4.0 connectivity with FANUC’s MT-LINKi solution.

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MT-LINKi Videos

  • Overview 

    Overview of the MT-LINKi Platform

  • NewMachine 

    How to add a new machine to the MT-LINKi Platform

  • NewLayout 

    Adding a new layout in the MT-LINKi Platform

  • AuthoritySettings 

    Adjusting the Authority Settings in the MTLINKi Platform

  • CustomizingLogIn 

    Customizing the Sign-in Screen in the FANUC MT-LINKi Platform

  • BatchSettings 

    Duplicating machine settings in FANUC MT-LINKi Platform

  • BackUp 

    Backing Up Machine Data with the FANUC MT-LINKi Platform

  • EmailNotifications 

    Setting up e-mail notifications with the FANUC MT-LINKi Platform

  • MacroHistory 

    Review of the Macro Value History Function in the FANUC MT-LINKi Platform

  • BuildingReports 

    Building Data Reports in the FANUC MT-LINKi Platform

MTLinkiOverview Dataflow Location 1 Dataflow Enterprise MTLINK Equipment Monitoring MTLINKiSignalMonitoring

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