Customer Case Study: Automated Vehicle Floor Plug Insertion System at General Motors


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Products Featured in This Video

FANUC M-710iC Series Robots

Engineered for extremely high speed, maximum flexibility and reliability across a huge range of applications, FANUC M-710 Series robots delivers repeatable precision and unparalleled performance in an industrial robot.

As seen in this case study, the M-710’s slim arm and wrist assemblies minimize interference with system peripherals, allowing operation in confined spaces.

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FANUC iRVision 3DL

For this system, iRVision 3DL uses structured laser light projections for reliable plug detection, then checks the orientation and position of the plugs.

FANUC iRVision 3DL uses a hybrid sensor head (FANUC development) for the 3D vision function. The 3DL head uses structured laser light projections for reliable detections. The projection of structured light makes the system robust against various surface conditions (e.g. flat metal, rust, wet, discolorations, etc.). Using this hybrid technology, FANUC's 3DL Sensor can detect the position and posture of a part in 3D.

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