Retrofitting with FANUC and Microtrol Engineering



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Series 30i/31i-MODEL B

Designed for today’s most complex, high-performance machines with a large number of axes, multiple part program paths and high-speed auxiliary machine functions. Performance, accuracy, surface finish and reliability are optimized with high-performance hardware and innovative software. Yet operators with previous FANUC experience can use their existing skills as they learn new techniques, and existing part programs will run smoothly with little or no modification.

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Three CNC Panels 500x500 


Power Failure Backup Function

The FANUC Power Failure Backup function utilizes the kinetic energy in the spindle motor to power the control as well as the servo motors to either retract the machine tool from the work piece or stop all movement to avoid a crash. For minor power failures, shorter than 100 ms, parameters can be set to allow the machine to continue operation without stopping.

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PowerFailBackUp2 Power Fail Back Up 



Straightness Compensation

Machine tools that have long strokes can experience changes in straightness between their exes. This can affect machining accuracy. Using the Straightness Compensation feature, when an axis moves, the control calculates how much the other axes need to be compensated in order to maintain a straight path.  

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Straightness Compensation 


Tool Center Point Control

The primary function of Tool Center Point Control (TCP) is to translate the tool-tip path defined in the part program into the position and orientations for the machine’s linear and rotary axes. It also allows the cutting tool feedrate to be specified in feed-per-minute mode. Running at the tooling manufactures' recommended cutting rate improves tool life. However, the CNC will automatically adjust feedrates to stay within the maximum performance of a limiting axis.  

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Tool Center Point Control - Off (TCP) Tool Center Point Control On 

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