Customer Case Study: New CNC System and Robot on Retrofitted Machine Boosts Production for Cutting Tools Manufacturer

KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools manufacturer tapped United Grinding North America to find a CNC retrofit solution for its older WALTER HELITRONIC POWER Series tool grinding machines. As part of United Grinding’s rebuild program, the machine was stripped down to the casting and equipped with all new mechanical components, a new electrical cabinet, an all new FANUC CNC system –including new drives, motors and cables— as well as a FANUC LR Mate robot. Watch the video to see more!




CNC Retrofitting with FANUC

Machine tools are among the most vital and costly pieces of equipment on most plant floors, a significant capital investment that must maintain its viability for many years. Our solution: Retrofit your old unit by replacing its CNC, servo and spindle systems. Assuming the machine tool is generally in good shape mechanically, keeping it updated with the latest CNC control technologies is typically the most cost-effective and economically sustainable solution to enhance its overall performance.


Machine Tending Robots

From small standalone cells to larger machining lines, FANUC offers a wide range of robots ideally suited for any machine tending operation. Automating your machines will give you a clear advantage in terms of utilization, secondary processes, labor resources and productivity, and no one has more solutions or robots designed to help you automate your machine tending processes than FANUC.

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