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G-Code Programming & Operation – Lathe Training

COURSE # TRCOLP-333 - 30 hours
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The FANUC G-Code Programming & Operation – Lathe eLearn course explores the fundamentals of G-Code programming for milling applications. After learning the purpose of various G-codes, students will create several programs to test their understanding.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Navigation and control features
  • Basic positioning and cutting commands
  • Work and tool offsets
  • Advanced G-Codes, canned cycles, multiple repetitive cycles
  • Program warning messages, alarms and troubleshooting

Successful completion of the FANUC Usage & Operations course is recommended.

Estimated Time for Completing the Course:
We estimate that students will average approximately 30 hours to complete this course, including time to study the materials, to take the tests, and to do the exercises. Actual time will vary, of course, based upon the student's prior experience and eLearning aptitude.

Internet connection and a PC or tablet device.

Recommendations: FANUC’s CNC Guide simulation software is highly recommended for use with course.  CNC Guide will allow students to create and upload programs to a CNCs memory and be able to  run, test and troubleshoot the programs just like on a real CNC control. 

Who Should Attend: 
The course material is suitable for students of all experience levels who work with FANUC CNCs in a variety of roles, including operators, maintenance professionals, supervisors and engineers. 

$548.00 per student, not including CNC Guide Academic - FANUC's CNC software running on a PC.

Classroom and Virtual Version Available:
FANUC offers a Instructor Led classroom and an Instructor Led Virtual versions of this class.  

On-site and/or customized classes
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