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Developing the HMI with FANUC Picture

COURSE # TRCOLI-491 - 20 hours

Course Overview
This course will expose students to the features of FANUC’s custom CNC screen design software: FANUC Picture. Whether you need to create or modify a single CNC screen, or develop an entire Human-Machine Interface (HMI), this course is what you’ve been looking for. Using NCGuide as a testing environment, each student will create several custom screens that use each of FANUC Picture’s many tools, culminating in the creation of an HMI that replaces the physical operator panel with on-screen functions.

Topics Covered

  • Setting up NCGuide to work with FANUC Picture

  • Explanation and usage of each FANUC Picture screen design tool

  • Introduction to FANUC Picture Scripting (similar to custom macro)

  • Design guidance on duplicating the CNC’s soft key layouts

  • How to reverse-engineer a previously completed FANUC Picture project

Course Benefits
At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to design and develop custom CNC screens to meet individual machine and process requirements.

Completion of the FANUC Usage & Maintenance course is required; completion of the Understanding the FANUC PMC System course is preferred.

Software Required
This online course requires the student have access to NCGuide (part number: A08B-9010-J770#ZZ12) or NCGuide Academic (part number: A08B-9010-J752#ZZ12) and FANUC Picture (part number: A08B-9010-J518#ZZ11). Access to this software is not included as part of the course.

Who Should Attend
Machine tool builders, OEMs, retrofitters and integrators who want to enhance their machine tool applications.  

Classroom Version Available:
FANUC offers a classroom version of this class. Contact us for more details.

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