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Integrators Basic Training

COURSE # TRCOLI-412 - 20 hours 

CNC Integrators Basic Training
This online course is for machine tool builders and integrators who want to get the most out of FANUC CNCs and improve their knowledge and skills when it comes to setting up and programming CNCs and servo motors. This course covers basic CNC; NCGuide and Ladder-III software; servo and spindle set up; and system backup and restore. Students should have some experience and familiarity with integrating FANUC CNCs and access to a CNC system for some sections of the course.  Students should also have access to the full versions of NCGuide and Ladder-III software.

The training is broken into five major sections, or modules, revolving around a particular theme.  Each module consists of several lessons. The modules are CNC Basics, NCGuide, FANUC Ladder-III, Servo and Spindle, and Backup and Restore.

CNC Basics
CNC Basics offers a general overview of the FANUC CNC control system. The Block Diagram lesson explains how the main components of the system work together and the CNC Orientation lesson covers the system hardware and shows how to navigate and use some of the screens. The Drive System lesson covers the general mechanics of a machine. IO Types and Operator Interfaces are covered in the final lessons.

This module starts off with an introduction to NCGuide - FANUC's CNC application software running on a PC.  NCGuide provides an authentic and safe operation and part programming environment at a fraction of the cost of using a production machine tool. The first lessons cover setting up, configuring, and licensing NCGuide. Next, students are shown how to create CNC setups, install CNC options, set up Manual Guide i, and use the Setting Management tool to administer the configurations of your NCGuide installations. The final lessons demonstrate how to use NCGuide to develop PMC logic and use other FANUC programming tools to develop applications off-machine.

This section teaches students how to design and monitor ladder logic using FANUC Ladder-III software.  In this module students install and setup the software; create a new ladder; use Ladder-III to communicate with the CNC; use the software to create logic; and assign physical I/O addresses.

Servo and Spindle
The Servo and Spindle module covers the parameters and settings needed to connect a servo motor and spindle motor to a CNC. In this module students will learn how to set the required parameters and settings, navigating through the screens and calculating the proper gear ratio settings.

Backup and Restore
This module explains the procedures for backing up all of the data that an integrator has to create: parameters, programs, ladder logic, custom software, etc.  Students also learn how to restore the memory.

Estimated Time for Completing the Course
We estimate that students will average approximately 20 hours to complete this course, including time to study the materials, to take the tests, and to do the exercises. Actual time will vary, of course, based upon the student's prior experience and eLearning aptitude.

$550 per student.  This course requires the student to have the full version of NCGuide as well as Ladder-III (not included). Discounts for multiple student purchase are available, contact us for details. To register or inquire further, contact the FANUC training department. 

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