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Understanding FANUC 4- and 5-Axis Functions Training

COURSE # TRCNC30-351 - 3 days
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5-axis machining offers many advantages compared to conventional 3-axis machining: decreased fixturing; increased accuracy and surface quality; increased tool life; and reduced cycle time to name a few. This course explains advanced machining functions used for 3+1 (4-axis) and 3+2 (5-axis) indexing, full 5-axis simultaneous machining, high- performance machining and high-quality surface finishes. The class culminates in students using 5-axis machining to produce a part they can take home with them. For those tasked with maintaining or supporting the machines these functions are used on, we offer an additional day of instruction to cover alarms, troubleshooting and calibration.


No additional Software is required for this course, just an Internet connection and a PC or tablet device.

Who Should Attend
Engineers who are designing with Understanding FANUC 4- and 5-Axis Functions in mind and maintenance professionals who need to understand how it is implemented.

Estimated Time for Completing the Course
We estimate that students will average approximately 3 days to complete this course, including time to study the materials. Actual time will vary, of course, based upon the student's prior experience and eLearning aptitude.

$1,452.00 per student. No additional software is required. Discounts for multiple student purchase are available, contact us for details. To register or inquire further, contact the FANUC training department.

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