General Training Terms

Dropping a class/Cancellations

You may drop a class by navigating to the ME tab or MY TEAM.

Please note the Cancellation Policy and consider replacing a student should the policy be in effect. (Rescheduling is considered a cancellation of the original reservation.)

Standard Cancellation and No-Show Policy

  • Cancellation with 2 weeks or more notice will result in no fee
  • Cancellation with less than a 2 week notice will result in a 50% course fee
  • A no-show will result in a 100% course fee
  • Rescheduling a class does not waive the cancellation policy

Authorized System Integrators (ASI) Cancellation and No-Show Policy

  • Cancellations received in writing before the 2-week mark prior to the start of the scheduled class are not considered late cancellations.
  • In the event an ASI cannot attend, another representative may be sent from the company to avoid incurring the class cost.
  • Subsequent Late Cancellation/No Shows will require payment of the class charged at the integrator price. This will also require the issuance of a PO to secure a seat at the time of registration for any future training classes. The class will only be charged if the student has no shows or cancellations within 2 weeks of the class start date.

Reproduction of Training and Materials

  • Recordings of any type are prohibited. If a student is suspected of recording a training session, they will be removed immediately and will not be permitted in future classes.
  • Reproduction of the training books is prohibited. The books are copyright protected, and anyone suspected of reproduction and distribution will be contacted by FANUC Legal. 

Mechanical Disassembly Special Notes

Each student will be required to acknowledge and sign our Lab Rigging Safety Policy, to acknowledge the safety requirements for each Mechanical Disassembly/Reassembly class. Anyone not willing to sign this policy will not be permitted to participate in any lab or hands-on exercises. 

On-Site Training Policies

Dress Code

Appropriate business casual attire is required to attend any class at all FANUC training facilities. No shorts, leggings, tank tops, or open-toe shoes are permitted.
**Safety shoes are required for attendees in all mechanical classes.


At FANUC locations only, lunches are a complimentary provision. If you have dietary restrictions, please email [email protected] with special requests. Although we do our best, we cannot support all special needs, therefore please come prepared in case we cannot accommodate.

Flights & Travel

Please plan flights after 7pm on the last day of class to accommodate for travel time to the airport.

Hotel Information

Click here for recommended hotels and maps: HOTELS and MAPS

Robots Supplied by Customer for Training:

The FANUC Academy strongly advises against the use of customer-supplied robots for training.

If training must be conducted on customer-supplied robots, please take note of the following:

  • The customer has agreed to provide the robot(s) and make them available for use during the entire training session.
  • Prior to the start of class, robots and equipment have been powered up and made operational for training.
  • The customer is responsible for resetting their own robots/cell back to the original working condition.
  • Awareness barriers are placed around the robot that comply with RIA/A3 standards.
  • A sufficient amount of clearance above the robot to allow for full mobility.
  • FANUC is not responsible for any damage to customer-supplied equipment (for example, end-of-arm tooling and surrounding equipment).
  • Enough robots have been made available for a 2-student to 1-robot ratio.

FANUC Training Mobile Cell Requirements:

  • A specification sheet will be supplied, including weight, dimensions, power requirements.
  • Floor space necessary for robot placement plus 3’ of space around the cell.
  • Quotes will include the fees associated with providing 1 robot for every 2 students.
  • The customer assumes responsibility for any damage to robots and cell equipment while at the customer’s facility.
  • The lease agreement must been signed and returned a minimum of 5 business days before the equipment ship date.

Instructor Requirements:

  • Please prepare the following items prior to the arrival of the trainer: A safe working environment with ambient sound that is conducive to lecturing in the vicinity of the robot.
  • A classroom/meeting room with an overhead projector, reserved for the timeframe of the class.
  • Or an appropriate size monitor W/HDMI connection in lieu of the projector.
  • Enough seating and writing surfaces for the students plus the instructor.
  • Instructor access to a telephone, printer/copy machine.
  • A secure area available for storage of FANUC training equipment, documentation, and supplies during the training period.

FANUC America Training management reserves the right to monitor the classroom and equipment to ensure on-site training standards are being implemented.

  • You are not officially enrolled for the course until you receive confirmation of payment and enrollment from FANUC; [email protected]. Check your junk mail folder if you believe you should have received it. Contact FANUC Academy if you have further questions.
  • Non–U.S. Citizens: Due to United States export regulations, additional documentation is required for non-U.S. citizens to attend certain CNC training courses. Please call (888–326-8287) for details.
  • Payment for training sessions is due prior to attendance at the training session. FANUC reserves the right to refuse entry into a class if payment prior to attending has not been made.
  • FANUC reserves the right to cancel a course at any time and is not responsible for non-refundable travel arrangements.
  • FANUC Offices are non-smoking facilities.
  • It is the policy of FANUC that the use, sale, transfer or possession of alcohol or drugs on FANUC premises, vehicles, work sites or in any private vehicles parked on FANUC property is prohibited. FANUC strictly prohibits any individuals from attending any training session while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If a FANUC instructor determines that an individual is attending a training session while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the individual will no longer be permitted to attend the remainder of the training session.
  • FANUC reserves the right, when deemed necessary by management, for authorized persons to search and inspect the property and personal items of visitors or students, including vehicles, brought onto company property in order to prevent workplace violence or theft. There should be no assumption to the right of privacy in cases regarding the protection of FANUC assets or the safety of employees and guests.
  • Threats, intimidating behavior, or any other acts of aggression or violence in the workplace, including the possession of weapons, are not tolerated. Visitors or students engaged in violent acts on company property or against employees on the job are reported to the appropriate authorities for possible criminal or civil prosecution.

Send your questions to [email protected] or call 888-FANUC-US.