Payment Methods

Training seats are reserved at the time of online payment. Seats will not be tentatively held in good faith.
To purchase training with immediate enrollment:
  • Log into your account using your MyPortal username and password. If you do not have one, please create one by clicking Create MyPortal Account Your account will be activated, and access to your training catalog will be granted.
  • Browse through courses and select class dates that suit your schedule.
  • Use “Add to order” to place your class selection in the shopping cart.

Obtaining a Quote

  • Browse and add your selections to the shopping cart. Obtain the “quote” by clicking on the shopping cart. Print a quote page by using the print option within your browser.

Credit Card Method

  • When you are ready to checkout, Select Credit Card and Complete Order.
  • Complete the Credit Card Billing information form and finalize the order.
  • All fields are necessary
  • Seats are reserved immediately

Purchase Order Method

  • Use this option when you have a purchase order on file with the Academy and want to pull funds to pay for training.
  • The field is case-sensitive.
  • When funds are depleted, the number will no longer work.
  • Contact [email protected] for information on remaining funds.
  • Seats are reserved immediately.

Invoice Method

  • Use this option when you have a pdf copy of the purchase order ready to attach to the order.
  • You must add the PO in this transaction process.
  • Seats are tentatively held while Academy administration reviews your purchase order.
  • You will be contacted if we have any questions.
  • An automatic email is sent once the PO is approved, as well as the attendance confirmation.

To purchase training for future enrollment

Subscription Method

  • Training, without a specific date, may be purchased by contacting [email protected].
  • Have the pdf copy of the purchase order or credit card ready for the transaction.
  • The training is redeemed by logging into the training portal and entering the Subscription Code at checkout.
Login to click on the ME tab to view your Order History, Training Plan, and other important information.

FANUC Prices do not include travel planning, hotel, transportation, or other student expenses related to course attendance.

FANUC America does not have a hotel on campus.