Case Study

Delta Wheel Truing’s Portable CNC Lathe Increases Safety for Trains

By integrating FANUC CNC controls into their portable wheel lathe for the rail industry, Delta Wheel Truing improved the quality, precision, and consistency of their product’s performance.


  • Consistently meet high quality and safety standards for the rail industry
  • Automate difficult manual jobs that are inefficient and dangerous for workers
  • Overcome previous bad experiences with CNC control providers
  • Find an international partner to support working with businesses around the world


  • Versatile, Easy-to-Operate Controls

  • Lifetime Support of FANUC Products

  • Measurable Improvements in Machine Performance

  • Enhanced Worker Safety and Productivity



Maintaining safety is essential in the railway industry to ensure locomotives can operate consistently without error. Delta Wheel Truing Solutions wanted to create a portable wheel truing lathe that performed consistently, to meet and exceed safety standards in the industry. They were able to accomplish this with the integration of FANUC CNC controls.

While some of their customers expressed reservations about computerized controls replacing manual operation, Delta Wheel Truing chose to adopt FANUC controls because they are designed for easier use and provide lifetime support for products. FANUC controls were intuitive for employees to learn with an accessible interface; in most cases, operators can fully understand how to operate a machine with FANUC controls within a day of training.

With their portable CNC wheel truing lathe, Delta Wheel Truing can provide their customers with products that offer superior quality and repeatability for consistent results.

Tim Cole – Delta Wheel Truing Systems

They have lifetime support of your equipment, anywhere in the world. They have supported products that are over 40 years old, and they still support it today. In this day and age, with technology and integration, everybody always wants the best of everything. With FANUC, you’re getting the best of everything.

Tim Coble

Director of R&D at Lathe Tech.
Delta Wheel Truing Solutions

About Delta Wheel Truing Solutions

Located in Escanaba, Michigan, Delta Wheel Truing Solutions is a veteran-owned business dedicated to providing the railroad industry with quality parts, reliable solutions, and exceptional service. Founded in 2006, Delta Wheel Truing originally produced gear cases, snow plows, and wheel lathes, though their sole focus today is manufacturing their portable CNC wheel lathe.

The wheel truing and reprofiling processes take a worn or condemned wheel and bring it back to a manufacturing state by making it round again. The portable CNC wheel truing machine promotes a higher standard of quality assurance and safety, which are top priorities in the industry.

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