New simulation training offering helps fill the manufacturing skills gap and the need for more advanced CNC machine tool operators

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The Machining Simulation for Workforce Development solution now includes a 5-axis option

FANUC America’s popular Machining Simulation for Workforce Development provides virtual training for controls operation and part programming. To help solve the shortage of 5-axis machining operators, the new 5-axis training simulation addition allows users to learn how to setup and work with three common advanced 5-axis milling machines: mixed type, tool type and table type. A 3-axis mill and a 2-axis lathe are also provided for maximum configuration flexibility.

Investment in 5-axis machining is predicted to ramp up as more operations evolve to produce more complex parts used in high-tech industries, such as aerospace and medical device production. As this sector of the machine tool business increases, the demand for 5-axis operators will exponentially grow. Employers, already facing a tight labor market due to the widely known manufacturing skills gap issue, are expected to struggle finding qualified workers. Training new or existing workers in an effective and innovative way will be key to bridging this gap. That’s why we’ve created this advanced package that combines FANUC’s CNC Guide and simulation software to operate now as one of the three main 5-axis mill kinematics.

Furthermore, because 5-axis is a complex method of machining, the industry also is facing a lack of instructors who can teach it. By incorporating 5-axis training in its workforce development offering, FANUC America is committed to working with our educational partners to prepare trainers as well as students across North America for an influx in 5-axis training demand.

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The addition of 5-axis simulation offers an immersive environment to practice and understand advanced machining techniques. Since 5-axis machining involves more complex machine setups, the simulation software allows the user to learn how to effectively use the additional options and unique features. Also, the 5-axis machining simulation software adds the ability to experiment with and prove out the machine setup and/or part program before modifying the actual machine. 

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