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FANUC to Demonstrate a Wide Range of CNC and Robotic Solutions at FABTECH

by FANUC America | Sep 02, 2021
FANUC will showcase our latest automation solutions to help drive the future of manufacturing at FABTECH 2021 in Chicago, Ill.

ROCHESTER HILLS, MI – (Sept. 2, 2021) – FANUC America, the leading supplier of CNCs, robotics, and ROBOMACHINEs will showcase our latest automation solutions to help drive the future of manufacturing at FABTECH 2021 in Chicago, Ill.  See us in booth #B23022 in the North Hall, and booth #D45535 in the East Hall’s painting pavilion.  

Factory Automation Demonstrations

FANUC’s Factory Automation division will demonstrate Visual Twin and Additive Manufacturing at FABTECH. The Visual Twin demonstration offers an exciting new way to see part production while highlighting FANUC’s end-to-end digitalization solutions for the machine shop. FANUC’s Visual Twin is an exact software replica of real CNC machine tools. The Visual Twin will display a virtualized 5-axis machine tool cutting a part, which mirrors the real-world machine’s behavior.

Additive Manufacturing, otherwise known as 3D printing, has been gaining popularity in industrial manufacturing to create prototypes, tooling and end-use production parts. Applications, including medical implants and aerospace parts, are growing as new hybrid machine tools combine additive manufacturing with CNC machining.  The new demo highlights FANUC’s capabilities in this burgeoning market by incorporating a 3-axis machine equipped with a four-extruder head into a plastic 3D printer.  FANUC 30i-B CNC equipped with the 21.5” Panel i H Pro will be featured on the machine to demonstrate its custom slicing and post-processing capabilities.

Robotic Demonstrations

Adaptive Arc Welding: A collaborative robot system will demonstrate how to help welding customers address gap conditions.  First, an operator loads coupons and sets variable gaps of 0-1.5mm between the work pieces.  Next, a CR-15iA collaborative robot uses FANUC’s Seam Tracking software with SERVO ROBOT’s FUJI-CAM 2.0 sensor to communicate the gap conditions to the robot, which then performs adaptive welding.  The adaptive process has the ability to change weaving amplitude, weave frequency, travel speed, wire feed speed, trim, as well as positional bias in X,Y,Z directions. 

The demonstration also features the Lincoln Electric Power Wave® R450 robotic power source with the Advanced Module using the GMAW Pulse process.

CRX Collaborative Arc Welding Robot: 

FANUC’s CRX collaborative arc welding robot offers the same high level of performance that FANUC ARC Mate robots are known for including the latest technologies and world-renowned reliability.  Built-in sensors on each axis can allow the CRX welding cobot to work safely alongside people without the need for expensive guarding.  In addition, the CRX can operate for eight years maintenance-free, which is a major advantage for companies looking to lower costs and increase productivity.

The CRX is extremely easy to use – even for those who have never used a robot.  Interactive programming allows operators to teach weld joints using hand guidance or a new tablet interface with drag and drop icons.  The CRX welding cobot supports several of FANUC’s advanced features including iRVision, Torch Angle Control, Touch Sensing and Thru Arc Seam Tracking (TAST).  The CRX is shown with Lincoln Electric’s Power Wave® R450 robotic power source, and the new Lincoln Electric Smart Torch.  FANUC’s CRX welding cobot demonstration will allow visitors to try its easy hand guidance and tablet programming features. 

In addition, Lincoln Electric’s Fab-Pack® Cobot Guru™ featuring FANUC’s CRX will offer attendees a hands-on experience of this new collaborative robot welding solution.   

The Fab-Pak Cobot Guru robotic welding system includes simplified programming with the new CRX tablet-based teach pendant, and the ability to teach at the torch by hand.  Built for the industrial space, the Fab-Pak Cobot Guru system is compatible with all of Lincoln Electric’s weld programs to help customers maximize productivity. 


FANUC America has designed and built its painting robots at the company’s Rochester Hills, Mich., headquarters for nearly 40 years.  The FANUC P-40iA is the latest in the paint robot series.  Ideal for a variety of painting and coating applications, the six-axis P-40iA offers the same reliability and proven technology as all FANUC products. 

At Fabtech, a P-40iA paint robot equipped with the R-30iB Plus Mate controller will demonstrate painting metal parts using coordinated motion to reach all surfaces of the parts.   Visitors will also have the opportunity to try out the new “Easy Teach” hand-guidance programming feature. 

In addition to being easy to use, the P-40iA robot is extremely flexible to accommodate small lot sizes, new styles and other modifications, providing customers an affordable and versatile solution.  Slim and lightweight, the P-40iA robot offers a variety of mounting positions, which helps companies challenged with small and narrow workspaces. 


The R-2000iD/210FH spot welding robot is the latest model in a large family of industrial robots offering a variety of payloads and reaches.  The robot offers a compact design with a hollow arm for better cable management, which minimizes interference with system equipment and allows the robot to operate in tight workspaces.  Featuring a 210kg payload and 2605mm reach, the R-2000iD/210FH is ideal for spot welding and material handling applications.

At the show, the R-2000iD/210FH robot equipped with integrated FANUC Servo Gun Control and a hollow arm for spot welding dress out will perform simulated spot welding in and around a truck cab.  The robot will use Dual Check Safety (DCS) Speed and Position Check software to limit the robot’s envelope within the compact workspace.  Also featured will be FANUC’s latest R-30iB Plus controller with an intuitive iPendant for easy setup and operation. 

FANUC will participate in two technology sessions including:

F34: Laser Ecosystems for Fiber Laser Cutting & Surface Cleaning on Tuesday, September 14, 8:00 -9:30 AM. Michael Sharpe, Laser Business Development Manager to present:  Laser Ecosystem - Dynamics Through Full Digital Control.

F202: Automation for Metal & Finishing Processes on Wednesday, September 15, 3:30 - 5:00 PM.  Barton Faylor, Senior Industry Marketing/Program Manager to present:  CAD to Path Robot Programming. Is it Myth or Reality?

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