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FANUC CNC High Performance Machining

Machine tool performance is a tradeoff between the attributes of speed, accuracy and surface finish. Visualizing this tradeoff as a triangle, optimum performance for your application may lie anywhere inside the triangle. If the performance triangle is large, moving towards one attribute may cause a large deterioration in the other attributes.


FANUC controls feature advanced algorithms to shrink the size of the performance triangle, reducing the tradeoff between the attributes and provide functions to adjust the balance between speed, accuracy and surface finish on a operation by operation basis.

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FANUC CNC system integrate high-speed CNC and drive system hardware with servo and spindle motors that feature ultra-smooth rotation, accurate current detection, and 32,000,000 count per rev feedback devices. Any further reduction in cycle times requires minimizing machine shock and vibration so that machining feedrates can optimized.

FANUC's suite of advanced path and acceleration optimization functions to reduce cycle times while enhancing part accuracy and extending machine life. Powerful integrated and advanced 3D servo and machine optimization tools aligned with expert services can fine tune performance for a specific part, part family or more general machining.

FANUC CNC High Performance Machining - Features and Benefits

Bell-shaped acc/dec

Bell shaped acc/dec minimizes machine shock and reduces the time it takes to accelerate and decelerate and can be applied to rapid, contouring and tapping motions.

AI Contour Control

AI Contour Control looks ahead in the part program to eliminate the acc/dec and servo delays that limit feedrates when cutting short line segments or contours, and effectively eliminates machining trajectory error in corners and small radii.

Nano Smoothing

Nano smoothing converts CAM-generated line segments into characteristic splines for faster execution and a superior surface finish - without significant modifications to the CAM system or existing part programs.

Faster Positioning

Pauses are eliminated when moving between positioning and contouring modes, which is especially useful parts that contain a lot of positioning moves - reducing the cycle time of a typical part by almost 10%.The speed of a sequence of positioning moves is  increased by inserting a radius at the intersecting corner, minimizing the acceleration and deceleration disturbances of each axis. A safe tool path that avoids interference areas is specified and speeds up common operations such as moving to the tool change position.

Jerk Control

In part program sections in which axis acceleration changes significantly, such as where the cutting path changes from a straight line to curve, machine vibration or shock may occur. Speed control and a change of acceleration suppress vibration and machine shock and their associated machining errors.

High Response Vector Control

High Response Vector (HRV) is an advanced form of field oriented control that uses high-speed DSPs and nano-interpolation to improve surface finish, cycle times and accuracy. State-of-the-art processors, high-resolution 32,000,000 count encoders, resonance filters and DSP technology take servo technology to the next level. Auto-following filters dynamically suppresses mechanical resonance even when the frequency changes. For the Series 30i / 31i /32i, HRV4 closes the current loop in 31.25 µs, the velocity loop at 62.5 µs and the position loop at 250 µs. Spindle HRV4’s dedicated spindle processor to achieve a 12khz PWM frequency. For the 0i-F, HRV3 closes the current loop in 62.5 µs, the velocity loop at 125 µs and the position loop at 500 µs.

Programmable Machine Controller (PMC/PLC)

An integrated, ultra-fast dedicated PMC/PMC processor controls and monitors the rapid and smooth operation of all machine auxiliary devices. The PMC sequence control offers execution speeds of 9.1 nanoseconds per step for ladder logic programs. With the Series 30i /31i /32i / 35i, up to five ladders can be executed at the same time allowing individual ladders for the basic machine, specialized options and third party device integration.

Servo and Machine Optimization

FANUC integrates powerful automatic tuning and visualization tools into each CNC control to ensure stable and productive performance for general machining. Advanced 3D servo and machine optimization tools provide visualization and tuning of the tool path vector allowing expert services to fine tune machine performance for a specific part or part family, even for the most complex 5-axis applications. 

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