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Improve Shopfloor Connectivity with FANUC FASData

FASData is an easy-to-install and quick-to-deploy system for collecting, monitoring, and analyzing shop floor data. FASData supports current and legacy FANUC CNCs that have either an Ethernet or HSSB connection option. FANUC CNCs with either of these connections are recognized by the system and their data points are configured automatically. Other devices that support OPC and MTConnect standard protocols can be added and configured with the user-friendly configuration tool.

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Default data points include, but are not limited to, axis data, cycle time, part count, production ID, alarms and cycle events. Data can be stored for later analysis or passed along as live data to other applications.

Users can access the data through the desktop client or the web interface on a PC or mobile device.  Customized triggers can automatically send notifications to users based on user-specified data points.
Using proven technologies like SQL and IIS, FASData can be run from a single PC system or integrated into an existing enterprise SQL/IIS system.

Data can be quickly and easily transferred from FASData to other applications using existing connectors available for Microsoft SQL Server as well as other applications and databases with connections into SQL server.

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FOCAS Automation Solutions, including FASData, are available for sale in the Americas only. Other FOCAS Automation Solutions include:

  • FASBacCNC - Network-based backup solution for FOCAS-enabled FANUC CNCs
  • FASConnect – Software that provides access and management of data to and from FOCAS enabled CNCs across a network.
  • FASOPC – OPC server designed specifically for getting machine production data from your FANUC CNC.

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