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Machining Center Programming, Setup and Operation

COURSE # TRCOLP-312 - 30 hours
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Course Overview
This online course will help you master what it takes to program, setup, and run a CNC machining center with a FANUC CNC. We begin with the basics - assuming you have no previous CNC experience. However, we do assume you understand basic machining practices for a milling machine. You should understand basic milling and hole-machining operations. You should also know the various cutting tools used for milling operations. Each lesson builds upon prior material, so by the time you have finished the multiple practice exercises, you will know what it takes to program and run a CNC machining center.

Recommended Prerequisites
Prior to taking these CNC classes, students should understand basic machining practice topics, including:

  • Shop safety

  • Shop math

  • Blueprint reading

  • Tolerance interpretation

  • Measuring devices

  • Machining operations (related to milling operations)

  • Cutting tools (related to milling operations)

This course includes a basic introduction to each of these topics, but you may want to consider other sources of information.

Scope of the Content
The content is comprehensive, covering the 3 primary tasks a person must master in order to become fully proficient with a CNC machining center; programming, setup, and operation. Upon successful completion, students will be able to:

  1. Write G-code programs (also called manual programming)

  2. Know how to get a machine ready to run production (setup)

  3. Know how to operate the machine and complete production runs (operation).

Estimated Time for Completing the Course
We estimate that students will average approximately 30 hours to complete this course, including time to study the materials, to take the tests, and to do the exercises. Actual time will vary, of course, based upon the student's prior experience and eLearning aptitude.

A Key Concepts Approach
We use the proven Key Concepts approach, stressing the reasons why things are done as well as how they're done. We constantly build on previously presented information, providing a logical and "show me" tutorial method of instruction.

There are 10 key concepts, 6 on programming and 4 on setup and operation. If a student can understand these 10 basic principles, they are well on their way to becoming a proficient CNC user. We begin with programming, but anytime a topic that is also related to setting up or operating a CNC machine, we also cover that information immediately. For example, assigning the program zero with work piece coordinate system offsets, using tool length compensation and cutter radius compensation, and issues related to first work piece inspection and maintaining tolerance during a production run all have programming, setup and operational aspects. When the student gets to the setup and operation part of the class, they will already possess a good understanding of what it takes to get a machine up and running production.

Classroom Version Available
A instructor-led version of this course is available. Contact us for more information.

$750 per student, including NCGuide Academic - FANUC's CNC software running on a PC.
Discounts for multiple student purchase are available, contact us for details. To register or inquire further, contact the FANUC training department.

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