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FloraCraft Automates Packaging Lines with Robots for Faster Growth

Increasing growth prompted FloraCraft to innovate its manual packaging lines. They partnered with Brenton, (ProMach product brand) a leader in designing and manufacturing integrated end of line packaging systems to automate its processing and packaging lines.

Challenges solved by:


  • Automating two packaging lines to effectively pack smaller, lightweight foam products.
  • Achieving higher throughput with the existing manual packing process was difficult due to space limitations at the packing station.
  • Required flexibility to handle multiple shapes and case packs.


  • Met customers’ needs and expanded customer base into the future

  • Higher production efficiency and improved ergonomics

  • Flexible solutions to efficiently handle products of varying sizes and shapes



Brenton integrated a FANUC M-3iA/6S delta robot which picks products from a conveyor and places them on an adjoining table where a FANUC LR Mate 200iD/7L robot packs the products into cases. Next, boxes are sealed and flow to a robotic palletizer (FANUC M-410iB/140H) before shipment.

In addition to robotics, Brenton integrated case erectors and sealers from WexxarBel, a sister ProMach product brand, into both automated lines. FloraCraft has found that single sourcing equipment through Brenton from the ProMach family of brands is more cost effective and has helped streamline the process and support throughout the project.

The savings in turn prompted FloraCraft to purchase additional automation through Brenton for other projects including a second FANUC M-410iD/140H robot on its extrusion line. The robot stacks raw materials that measure 8” tall, 24” wide and 108” long.  Although not very heavy, these large, awkward sized billets of foam were difficult to handle.

Automation gives us the ability to go out and get new customers and new business and know that we're going to be able to maintain our reputation as a great vendor for our products.

Steve Carlson

Chief Operating Officer, FloraCraft

Meet Brenton, FANUC Authorized System Integrator

Brenton is a global leader in designing and manufacturing integrated end of line case packaging systems and machines, specializing in case packing and palletizing using both robotics and other automation.

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A family-owned and Michigan-based company, FloraCraft is the world’s leading manufacturer of foam products for the craft and floral industries. For more than 70 years, FloraCraft has made it easy for creators everywhere by providing innovative craft and floral foam products.

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