Innovative and Reliable Paint Robots Built in the U.S.

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Since 1982, FANUC America has designed and built all of our paint robots at our corporate headquarters in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

What Are Paint Robots Used For?

FANUC America’s paint robots are ideal for automating applications that are ergonomically challenging, hazardous and labor intensive. Originally focused solely on the automotive industry, FANUC’s line of electric paint robots and door openers are now used by a diverse range of industries that include automotive, aerospace, agricultural products, recreational vehicles and boats, furniture, appliance, medical devices, and more.  

In fact, we’re seeing a significant increase of domestic and global non-automotive customers looking to us to help them improve quality and throughput while minimizing their assembly worker’s exposure to hazardous environments - very similar to what automakers looked to do back in 1982.

Our U.S.-based product development team designs and implements a wide range of mechanical, electrical, process and software products. Having an extensive group of local experts to provide software, product design, assembly and integration of our paint series robots allows us to react quickly to customer needs. 

Choose the Industry Leader in Robotic Painting

After nearly 40 years, FANUC’s commitment to paint innovation continues as we produce the highest quality products with one common goal: helping our customers all over the world achieve their manufacturing goals.

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