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FANUC CNC Interconnectivity

Today's machine tools must integrate into high-tech manufacturing and business systems. Equipment from multiple manufacturers must talk to each other effectively and efficiently. FANUC control systems support industry standard communication protocols including EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Modbus/TCP, Profibus and ProfiNet.

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File transfers including part programs and setup information can be transferred with high-speed Ethernet and FTP protocols, as well as traditional serial communications.

Data collection and integration with business systems is provided using high-speed Ethernet, FOCAS2 and OPC connectivity.

The FANUC robot interface simplifies the integration of CNC and robotics.

By supporting the widest range of industry protocols, machine tools equipped with FANUC controls can be integrated into manufacturing and business systems efficiently, and in the case of Ethernet and Ethernet/IP, with a single low-cost cable that plugs into the pre-existing business networking system.

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