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FANUC ROBODRILL α-D21iB5 Vertical Machining Center

The standard version ROBODRILL α-D21iB5 is FANUC's high-speed, high-precision small machining center with FANUC standard CNC installed and spindle taper size of No.30. FANUC has engineered the ROBODRILL machine center to address all machining needs for its class. This amazing machine tool is available in short, standard and long bed models. FANUC ROBODRILL offers:

High Performance Machining

  • Maximum productivity through speed, precision and power
  • Maximum part production though proven machining capability
  • Ideal for a broad range of industries and applications

Minimizing Down Time

  • ROBODRILL's proven reliability ensures long operating life
  • Preventive Maintenance function detects issues before problems occur
  • Ease of use allows for quick repairs, if necessary

Ease of Use

  • New and improved user interface makes ROBODRILL easier than ever to use
  • Easy operation of peripheral equipment through high expandability
  • Automation support function makes it easier than ever to integrate with FANUC robot
fanuc robodrill model m

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Three robodrill models to fit any size part and help meet your needs


α-D14SiB(5) / α-D21SiB(5)

Maximum machining performance for small parts

For high precision operations on a small footprint, this is the ideal solution for smaller parts.


α-D14MiB(5) / α-D21MiB(5)

The ultimate all-round vertical machining centre

Model M, perfect for milling and drilling tasks requiring maximum precision, versatility and reliability.


α-D14LiB(5) / α-D21LiB(5)

Maximum flexibility across a wide range of machining tasks

The largest ROBODRILL in the range, ideal for large components where size and flexibility are at a premium.

ROBODRILL Specifications

  Travel [mm] Control unit
X-axis 300 500 700
Y-axis 300+100 400
Z-axis 330
Tool Storage capacity 21 tools α-D21SiB5 α-D21MiB5 α-D21LiB5 Series 31i-B5
14 tools α-D14SiB5 α-D14M/B5 α-D14LiB5
21 tools α-D21SiB α-D21MiB α-D21LiB Series 31i-B
14 tools α-D14SiB α-D14MiB α-D14LiB