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Electrical Maintenance with R-J3iB Controller

Course Code: J2P0310
4 Days / 32 Hours

This course covers electrical maintenance for the R-J3iB controller platform and specific robot models.

Course Objectives:

  • Safely power on the robot.
  • Manipulate the robot using the teach pendant.
  • Recognize and describe the major components of the robot.
  • Solve class 1, 2 and 3 faults.
  • Master the robot.
  • Manipulate input and output signals of the robot.


This course is designed for maintenance personnel, who are responsible for the installation and maintenance of the R-J3iB controller, as well as the robot.


Basic knowledge of electricity/electronics, robots, robot controllers or machine tools and controllers.

Complete description

The course consists of theoretical exposition in the classroom, demonstrations, practical exercises, designed to reinforce learning.

Exam Note

In order to identify the level of initial knowledge and achievement during the course, an exam is applied at the beginning of the course and another at the end.

Security Note

All exercises performed during the course include recommended safety procedures.

Teaching materials

The documentation and teaching material is delivered in English.