Reimagining the Future of Warehousing

How Automated Systems Are Optimizing Retail

In 2018, e-Commerce sales exceeded $504 billion. Current industry research suggests that by 2022 this number will surpass $735 billion. This exceptional sales growth presents imaginative businesses with an opportunity to stay competitive and take their operation into the future.

To fully access potential growth, businesses must overcome a range of operational challenges, such as space and efficiency. Today’s online shoppers expect more of the same quality faster, which means day-to-day warehouse operations need to adapt drastically. Automation, specifically robotic storage and retrieval system solutions, may be able to help companies fulfill these orders at the speed their customers want.

Efficient Production and Optimized Space

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) create an efficient, productive environment that allows businesses to increase their appeal to the digital shopper. By rapidly completing repetitive tasks within a limited amount of space, AS/RS relieves production strain and opens the door for human employees to complete higher value tasks. With an additional capacity to tailor systems to a company’s specific needs, AS/RS provide forward-thinking businesses with an opportunity to optimize their warehouse production.

The flexibility and high performance of AS/RS allow e-Commerce stores to take advantage of growing market potential while optimizing the use of warehouse space. For more information on how Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems can benefit you, take a look at our infographic.