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Warehouse Robots: The Ideal Match for Distribution Centers, Fulfillment Centers and E-Commerce Challenges

E-commerce growth is driving sweeping change across global retail and logistics.  As a result, a growing number of organizations are looking to automated warehouse solutions to meet these challenges. Having a robotic automation strategy for e-commerce fulfillment is more important than ever before. Let FANUC be your partner in navigating the start of your automation journey.


Why FANUC? For over 30 years our robots and automation have helped to transform a variety of industries on a global scale, from automotive to aerospace, to food and pharmaceuticals. This, combined with FANUC's knowledgeable team of process experts, will ensure that your decision to automate makes you more productive and profitable.

E-Commerce Solutions



Automated Storage & Retrieval - Courtesy of PaR Systems


Mobile Robot Order Fulfillment - Courtesy of iAM Robotics


Piece Picking for Order Fulfillment - Courtesy of Kindred, Inc.


FANUC Collaborative Robots for Order Fulfillment


Each Pick Piece Picking - Courtesy of Dematic


Warehouse Storage & Retrieval with FANUC Factory Automation Systems

When you’re ready to automate, count on FANUC and our system integrators for reliable products, warehousing / e-commerce expertise and lifetime product support!

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Infographic: Automation Is the Key to Meet Rising
E-Commerce Consumer Demands


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Customer expectations drive innovation.

Keeping pace with today’s customer expectations is increasingly challenging – from next day to same day delivery – consumer delivery demands will continue to grow. These high expectations require not just one, but a set of fulfillment strategies in order to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Whether you are automating your existing DC’s, building new fulfillment centers for one or two day delivery, utilizing existing retail locations for local fulfillment, or picking orders from stores for local or onsite fulfillment, FANUC and our talented network of system integrators are your ideal partners.

More Experience in All Warehouse Application Areas

FANUC’s industrial robots are playing an increasingly important role in solving customer challenges with solutions. Here are more examples of our material handling experience in the warehouse.

Palletizing/Depalletizing & Decasing



Depalletizing or Decasing - Courtesy of Strongpoint Automation


Multi-Line Robotic Palletizing - Courtesy of Currie by Brenton®


Dual Case Palletizing with Corner Board Stretch Wrapper - Courtesy of Kaufman Engineered Systems


Multi-line Palletizing - Courtesy of Pearson Packaging Systems

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Other Application Areas Include:

  • Direct-from-Pallet Fulfillment
  • Inbound and Outbound Automation
  • Each Picking - Individual Item Picking
  • Sortation
  • Center Handling
  • Induction of Palletized Goods
  • Built to Order Pallet
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Robotic Truck Loading
  • Reverse Logistics Handling

We are working with the leaders in mobility, artificial intelligence, perception and grasping to design and execute the systems that will become e-commerce standards for years to come.

Robotic Automation is the Ideal Solution

Robotic order fulfillment systems are flexible to handle large SKU counts, and scalable with robots available to meet any size, speed or payload requirement. The flexibility and scalability of a robotically automated fulfillment operation can support the fluidity that e-commerce demands. Warehouse solutions incorporating FANUC technology are equipped to handle challenges like:

  • Small order size
  • Labor shortage/turnover
  • Bag, bin or pallet handling
  • SKU volume and variability
  • Speed and accuracy of fulfillment
  • Customer delivery-time expectations
  • Inventory security
  • Energy efficiency

Let FANUC be your partner in designing this future.
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