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5/6 Sided CNC Machining Solutions Using FANUC CNCs

Machines design for 5 and 6 sided machining have completely blurred the line between milling and turning. These machines combine multiple axes, bar-feed material systems and innovated tool management systems to completely machine a part in a single setup, making them ideal for machining complex parts in small lot sizes. FANUC’s Series 30i and Series 31i CNCs provide high performance, multi-axis, multi-path Nano technology that are ideal for high speed, highly accurate complex machining and seamlessly combine milling and turning capabilities in a single part program.

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5/6 Sided CNC Machining Technology with FANUC CNCs - Features and Benefits

Multi-Axis, multi-path

The need for done-in-one, short-run production of complex parts has driven the development of innovative mill-turn machines, whether it is a bar-fed machining center or a turning machine with machining axes. These machines allow uninterrupted processing of workpiece blanks from bar or flat stock material, automating raw material handling, holding and storage. FANUC’s Series 31i and Series 31i-5 CNCs are ideal controls 5/6 sided machining supporting up to 20 servo controlled axis, 6 spindles, 4 coordinated paths and 3+2 and 5-axis machining, and seamless integration of milling and turning in a single part program.

Tilted working plane

Simplifies part programming of complex part features for 3+2 axis machine configurations – avoids the complexities of full 5-axis simultaneous programming. Guidance screens simplify data input directly from the part blueprint data using a variety of tilted working plane commands including 3 points, roll-pitch-yaw, 2 vectors, Euler’s angle, projected angle and tool axis direction.

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