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FANUC CNCs - Unparalleled Reliability

In today's just-in-time manufacturing environment, downtime costs extend beyond the direct parts and labor to fix the problem. Lost production, downstream production shortages, and missed customer promises are expensive and have longer lasting effects. Downtime costs have two primary dimensions. Mean time between failures (MTBF) measures how often an equipment failure occurs. Mean time to repair (MTTR) measures how quickly equipment can get back into production.

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FANUC CNCs - Mean time between failures

FANUCs industry-leading 34-52 year MTBF on current CNCs is dramatically better than the nearest competitor. Machine tools with FANUC controls have less downtime, produce more parts, support downstream production more effectively to deliver on customer promises. This benchmark reliability is achieved with a total commitment to quality, continuous improvement and attention to detail.

FANUC uses only the best components from the world's leading electronic suppliers. Automated manufacturing systems ensure process repeatability so that continuous improvement programs have the maximum impact. Every failed product returned to the factory is analyzed in detail to establish the root cause to drive future design improvements. Every generation of FANUC CNC and drive system is significantly more reliable than the previous generation, with the latest generation Series 0i-D recording 52-year MTBF.

Catastrophic machine crashes can also be avoided with 3D Safety Zones, Unexpected Torque Disturbance Control and interfaces to external systems that monitor tool breakage.

Mean time to repair

Comprehensive diagnostic and troubleshooting tools ensures a low MTTR so that equipment is back in production as quickly as possible.

Diagnostics pages provide a single, convenient location to monitor the status of the CNC, servo and spindle systems. The ladder and I/O status pages show the real-time condition of the CNC-to-machine interface. Operational and alarm message history capture the events that proceed a CNC or machine system problem.

Maintenance training empowers operators and maintenance engineers to use the available diagnostic tools to quickly troubleshoot CNC and machine tool problems. Understanding the basic components of the CNC and machine tool interface, and how they work together, makes locating problems more efficient.

Most new CNCs will have an Ethernet port and some can be used to remotely diagnose problems, allowing maintenance and industrial engineers to solve more problems over the phone, or at least turn up on site with appropriate tools and replacement parts.

System, machine tool builder and end-user files stored in the CNC may be lost or corrupted due to an electrical component failure, a lightning strike, a flood, or some other unexpected event. FANUC CNCs incorporate automatic backup of critical files to flash memory within the CNC. Automated backup across an Ethernet networks is also possible.

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