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FANUC Tool Center Point Control (TCP) - FANUC CNC Technology

The primary function of Tool Center Point Control (TCP) (G43.4) is to translate the tool-tip path defined in the part program into the position and orientations for the machine’s linear and rotary axes. It also allows the cutting tool feedrate to be specified in feed-per-minute mode (G94). Running at the tooling manufactures recommended cutting rate improves tool life. However, the CNC will automatically adjust feedrates to stay within the maximum performance of a limiting axis.

Tool center point control solves the problem of local tool gouging. Since the CNC knows the profile of the workpiece surface, it can coordinate all of the axes to keep the tool tip in precise contact with the surface when moving between points. So when the program includes an X-axis move between A and B and a B-axis orientation change from -30° and +30°, the CNC automatically coordinates the Z-axis to keep the tool tip on the surface path. This eliminates the gouging characteristic of common machine-centric workflow using inverse-time feedrates (G93).

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Tool Center Point Control - Off (TCP) 

Tool Path Without TCP

Tool Center Point Control On

Tool Path With TCP

Tool posture control performs a similar function when machining with the diameter rather than the tip of the tool. Tool center point control and tool posture control improve part surface quality by eliminating scalloping and allow tool tip feedrates to be programmed in a single block, simplifying and shrinking the program by eliminating inverse time feedrates that are required in every block. With the CNC taking care of potential gouging situations, the CAM-post processor system can be simplified and part programs are smaller.

High-Speed Smooth TCP

High-Speed Smooth TCP provides Tool Center Point Control (TCP) to allow part geometry programming independent of machine kinematics, and ensures that the tool tip precisely follows the part profile at the programmed feedrate - eliminating the need for special inverse time programming. It further provides Tool Posture Control to prevent unintentional stock removal when side cutting pockets with varying angles.

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