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FANUC Power Motion i-MODEL A for Motion Control

The Power Motion i-MODEL A is a general purpose motion controller scalable from 1 to 32 axes of high performance motion control while also capable of 4 axes simultaneous interpolation. With specialized functions such as pressure and position control, multi-axis synchronization, electronic CAM and high-speed response, Power Motion i is the first choice for a wide range of general motion applications. It is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications including presses, stamping, loaders, wire saw, winding and filling machines. Axis motion can be controlled by position, speed or torque.

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Suitable for a wide range of general motion applications including winding machines, wire saws, gantry loaders, die cushions, presses, multi-axis positioning systems, large robotic table positioning, wing riveting machines and polishing machines.

  • Flexible motion control of axes by position, speed, torque or pressure.

  • Ideal solution for large servo applications that replace hydraulic mechanisms.

  • Provides high energy efficiency with dynamic power source regeneration and the latest low-loss power devices.

  • A broad range of highly customizable display solutions are available to meet application needs including integrated LCD screens, standalone solutions supporting multiple screens and sophisticated hand-held displays that are ideal for teaching or operations close to the application.

  • Integrates seamlessly and quickly into production systems with the widest range of field network support.

  • Communications with business systems, manufacturing systems and robots achieved easily with embedded Ethernet

  • Integrated safety is available to meet specific industry or European standards. 


FANUC Power Motion i on Gudel Gantry

FANUC Power Motion i-MODEL A controls a Güdel gantry with two 3-axis ZP3 modules on a single rail. This configuration can be used for various types of material handling applications such as palletizing and machine tending. Each path on the system has horizontal and vertical axes and a wrist for payload rotation of 360 degrees.

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FANUC Power Motion i-MODEL A for Motion Control - Features and Benefits

Complete integrated solution

The Power Motion i-MODEL A is a complete application solution supporting high performance motion control, a highly customizable 10.4” display, a high-speed PMC/PLC ladder and Ethernet connectivity.

State-of-the-art hardware

The high reliability hardware provides stable operation in the harshest environments and delivers superior performance of the control, servos and PMC. A wide range of diagnostic functions ensure that control system and machine problems can be identified and fixed quickly. Modularized components make it easy and quick to replace maintenance parts.

Flexible displays

The LCD-mounted system delivers the most compact solution with minimum wiring. The standalone system allows a single display to be interfaced with up to 8 standalone Power Motion i controls via Ethernet. The Ethernet Display Function can also be used to display screens on a PC. The iPendent provides a flexible screen and control panel that allows programming and operation at remote locations around the machine.


Easy development of functional and attractive custom screens supporting touch screen and keyboard interfaces. Advanced solutions can be developed by combining FANUC PICTURE visual elements with C language executor code.

High-performance motion control

Cycle times are minimized with quick axis start and stop, a high-speed PLC ladder execution and high-speed response to external signals.

High-response motion control

The accuracy and speed of machines used in packaging, wrapping, marking, stamping and cutting often depend on a fast response to an external signal. The high-speed ladder execution ensures a fast response to external signals and minimizes cycle times.

Torque control

Torque control maintains a constant tension for applications such as winding. The feed and the winding axes can be controlled independently so that the tension is kept constant at all times.

Extensive support of field networks

Power Motion i supports all of the leading field network standards including Ethernet/IP, PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, FL-net and CC-Link to construct sophisticated and distributed control systems. The robot interface via Ethernet simplifies material handling integration.

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