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FANUC Intelligent Human Machine Interface (iHMI)

The FANUC Intelligent Human Machine Interface (iHMI) provides a simple, efficient and intuitive way to interact with the FANUC Series 30i/31i/32i-MODEL B CNCs. TheHMI features a new look with new hardware, including a flat-panel touch-screen display and highly graphical, straightforward navigation.


iHMI also incorporates a variety of new tools and features designed to increase ease-of-use, improve operational efficiency and bring more control to the shop floor. Following a Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) process model, iHMI features focus on three key areas: Planning, Machining, and Improvement.  

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FANUC introduced two new functions in the Planning section.  The Cycle Time Estimation function quickly and easily processes programs created in CAD/CAM software and provides an estimated cycle time that is accurate to within 5%.  Accurate estimates help operators with better planning and lead to greater overall efficiency across the entire facility.


With the Tool Manager function, users can import tool data from the manufacturer to monitor the tool usage and lifespan.  This information is also useful to have on the shop floor for setting tool offsets, creating machining simulations and in collision avoidance applications. 


FANUC Reliability

While the iHMI provides a new way to interface with FANUC CNCs, machine operations are still controlled with the same great performance and reliability you have come to expect from FANUC CNCs. There is no new system or operations to learn.

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The key improvement in the Machining section is the redesigned CNC operation screen.  This screen gives the user access to the most common operations without having to navigate back and forth between multiple screens.  In the Programming screen users can review, edit or write g-code. Using the Set-up screen, operators can set or change set up parameters such as tool positioning or tool length compensation. In the machining screen, operators can monitor the process parameters, including feed spindle speeds and program process.

To make machining easier, iHMI comes with a variety of packaged cycle commands.  This provides users with an easy way to set up standard operations.  Simply follow the guide and enter a few parameters to create measurement or machining cycles for both mills and lathes.

The Machining section also hosts a powerful machining simulation function.  Operators can use this function to validate the performance of their programs and cycles to make sure they are performing as expected. iHMI supports both animated and tool track renderings.

The Troubleshooting function is also hosted in the Machining section. Troubleshooting identifies the cause of alarms and recommends a solution. 


The Improvement section includes key functions for increasing efficiency and overall performance.  The Servo Viewer presents waveform graphs of key operating data such as the position and speed of the feed axis and the torque of the spindle. Operators can use this information to optimize the cutting conditions and machine programs to shorten cycle times.

ihmi Maintenance

All of the data collected by iHMI is collected by the data logger and can be shared with other functions and applications on the control.  This includes the Tool Manager and Maintenance manager.  To support IoT initiatives, data can be shared using MT Link i, FANUC’s operation management software.

The Maintenance Manager function actively monitors the performance of components of the CNC and alerts the operator if the performance shows the component might be reaching the end of its expected lifespan. When this occurs, the operator is notified with enough time to order any required replacement parts. The alert has convenient links to the operators manual with instruction on how to perform the repair. The end result is less unexpected downtime and smoother, more predictable operations.

New Hardware

iHMI is available on FANUC Series 30i/31i/32i-MODEL B  CNCs. The iHMI also has several hardware improvements, including flat panel touch screens, soft-touch keys and a hardened outer shell with greater resistance to corrosive materials like cooling fluid. iHMI is available in horizontal and vertical configurations with 10.4”, 15”, or 19” panel sizes.

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