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The woodworking industry is highly competitive with applications that require high-performance machining of complex shapes of production or built-to-order custom components. The complex shapes and nested-based manufacturing systems drive the need for large part program management. In some instances, 5-axis machining is also required.

In addition, an increased demand for wood products has driven the industry to look closely at the speed and precision provided by robotic automation. FANUC America and our Authorized System Integrators are experienced in providing automated systems for sanding, polishing and finishing, as well as machine loading and part transfer.


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Force Sensors for Craftsman-like Precision

FANUC Force Sensors enable robots to detect force and torque applied to the end effector, while controlling the robot’s motion path in real time to keep the tool pressed to the part with constant force. Robots equipped with force sensors can robotically deburr, grind, polish and contour parts with ultimate precision by compensating for dimensional deviations.

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