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DR-3iB Series Food Handling Delta Robot

FANUC's all-new DR-3iB series of delta robots are specifically designed to maximize speed and versatility in picking and packing applications, especially in food handling and washdown environments Based on the classic parallel-link design, the DR-3iB Series provides increased payload, inertia, and the longest reach of any FANUC delta robot (1600mm). But the details really make it shine: New design features make it easier than ever to program, clean and sanitize, while meeting even the most strict food safety regulations.

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FANUC DR-3iB Series

More reach and payload for more applications

The DR-3iB/6 STAINLESS is FANUC’s first stainless steel food-grade delta robot for picking and packing primary food products. Rated IP69K, the robot meets USDA and FDA food safety standards, and sets a new benchmark for robotic food handling in terms of payload, speed, reach and sanitation.

  • IP69K rated
  • Mirror-like surface finish ensures easy cleaning
  • Resistant to chemicals and high pressure / temperatures required in strict wash-down environments
  • Food safety design with NSF H1 food grade lubricant

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More reach and payload for more applications

The DR-3iB series is FANUC's largest-envelope and highest-payload delta robot.  The DR-3iB/6 STAINLESS has a 1200mm horizontal reach (450mm vertical) and 6kg payload, and the DR-3iB/8L robot has a 1600 mm horizontal reach (500 mm vertical), and 8 kg payload.  This allows for handling longer reach applications such as working on very wide conveyors and case-packing into tall boxes or cartons, all while maintaining repeatability of +/- 0.03mm. With higher payload and increased wrist inertia (0.2kgm²), the DR-3iB series can handle even heavier products at higher conveyor speeds.


Brake release feature

A new feature for FANUC delta robots, an added brake release switch allows DR-3iB users to conveniently move the robot without the need for a teach pendant.


Easy to integrate

The DR-3iB series now includes features that make it easier than ever to integrate cables and dress-out. Mounting provisions make it easy to cleanly route cables and vacuum hoses along the link arms, and a large 20 mm hollow wrist allows for easy wiring and piping to the wrist and EOAT. These features enable better cable control and help extend cable life.


iRPickTool for multi-robot lines

Integrated iRVision with FANUC's conveyor tracking iRPickTool software make it easy for multiple high-speed robots to work together efficiently on a production line.