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Reach your manufacturing goals in any industry

FANUC has the robotics products and expertise to help you succeed. With more than 100 robot models and over 40 years of helping manufacturers achieve their production goals, we're ready for any manufacturing challenge in any industry. FANUC robots for manufacturing are easy to operate and provide complete flexibility thanks to a range of application-specific options, straightforward integration, payloads up to 2,300kg and maximum reaches up to 4.7m.

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Learn more about FANUC CRX Collaborative Robots!

cobot fanuc crx series


Engineers working with CRX-10iA

Add value to your process with cobots

Safety-certified and with payloads from 4-35 kg, the FANUC CR and CRX series of collaborative robots work hand in hand with humans to add value to your processes. Equipped with anti-trap protection, the CR and CRX robot series' will work side-by-side with people without the need for additional safety devices. Operators can guide, teach it or simply push FANUC cobots away.

FANUC CR Series Cobots      All-New FANUC CRX Cobots

Reliability for Your Productivity

scara industrial robot picking pucks

Optimize Your High-Precision Processes

FANUC’s new SCARA robots are ideal for high-speed, precision applications such as assembly, pick and place, testing/inspection, dispensing and packaging processes.

p-350ia close up industrial robot

Get the Most Out of Your Paint Manufacturing Process

FANUC paint robots are suitable for a wide variety of painting and coating applications, offer easy access, optimal work envelopes and maximized throughput.


Find the Robot That's Right for You!

FANUC offers the widest series range of industrial robots in the world. Covering a diverse range of applications and industries, FANUC machines are easy to operate and provide complete flexibility.


fanuc zdt industrial robot service

Protect your investment with FANUC’s proven IoT solution

FANUC's FIELD system Zero Down Time application (ZDT) is designed to eliminate down time and enhance overall robot performance. While FANUC robots are highly reliable, manufacturers still need a solution to maximize uptime.


Smart Options and Accessories

industrial roboguide sim software

Get Insight Into Your Application

By simulating your production scenario, ROBOGUIDE robot simulation softwareshows you exactly what FANUC robots can do for you and where the savings lie.

r 30ib plus industrial controller

Get to Know Smarter Productivity

The FANUC standard for smarter productivity, the R-30iB robot controllerrepresents a new generation of advanced technology and enhanced integrated FANUC hardware.

fanuc irvision industrial robot arm

Help Your Robots "See"

FANUC iRVision robotic vision– the fully integrated system for reliable 2D & 3D detection featuring easy-to-use plug and play, visual line tracking and bin/panel picking.