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Lowest Total Cost of Ownership - FANUC CNC Technology

FANUC CNCs provide the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) with a competitive acquisition cost, lower running costs, higher performance, better quality parts, lower downtime costs and a higher resale value. Coupled with lifetime maintenance, free technical phone support and highly qualified service and engineering resources available to support you, it's easy to see why FANUC is the preferred CNC worldwide.

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Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Using FANUC CNCs - Features and Benefits

Competitive acquisition cost

FANUC CNCs are available on the world’s leading machine tools, from simple lathes and mills to the most complex 5-axis machining and non-traditional machining applications. Machining operations can be updated and expanded with the best-in-class machine tools that are optimal for the application and business strategy.

The wide choice of machine tool manufacturers stimulates competition so that you can be assured to get the best value available for the machine tool selected. The cost of integrating machines into manufacturing systems can uncover hidden integration and engineering costs. With more than 3.5 million FANUC CNC systems installed around the world, most operators, part programmers and maintenance engineers are familiar with FANUC controls. Additionally, operational and part programming continuity means that expensive retraining or relocation costs are avoided when adding or upgrading equipment.

Lower running costs

FANUC drive systems use high-efficiency components and return energy to the electrical supply when axes are decelerating to minimize energy costs and be environmentally friendly. CNC screens display energy usage in real-time and the data can be collected via Ethernet and stored for analysis. High performance delivers more parts of better quality to lower part machining costs and provides more capacity to minimize capital expenditures for more equipment.

The popularity of FANUC controls ensures the availability of experienced operators, part programmers and maintenance engineers at competitive rates in your local area - minimizing labor and hiring costs.

Preventative maintenance is limited to a few batteries, fans and fuses that can all be replaced quickly without tools.

High-performance machining

FANUC controls feature a suite of advanced path and acceleration optimization functions to reduce cycle times and lower part costs. Powerful integrated and advanced 3D servo and machine optimization tools aligned with expert services can fine tune performance for a specific part, part family or more general machining. High-speed CNC and drive system hardware with servo and spindle motors that feature ultra-smooth rotation, accurate current detection, and 16,000,000 count per rev feedback devices  minimize machine shock and vibration so that machining feed rates can be optimized.

Better quality parts

FANUC controls achieves the highest precision possible, with nanometer resolution standard throughout the entire motion system - from the CNCs internal calculations and stored values, through to the interpolator, on to the servo and spindle drive systems and back through the 16,000,000 count-per-revolution position feedback devices. FANUC’s unique precision provides a superior surface finish quality whether you are machining simple prismatic parts or the most complex curves using advanced spline interpolation. This minimizes the need for secondary operations in many cases, reducing both the cycle time and part costs. Capable machine tools can be made better with the suite of compensation functions available, from the basic backlash and stored pitch error compensations to more specialized functions such as 3D Volumetric compensation. Excess precision can often be traded for increased processing speed at a specified accuracy, further reducing per part costs.


Lowest downtime costs

With industry leading mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) rates that are measured in decades, FANUC CNCs are the most reliable CNCs available worldwide. This means less costly unplanned downtime and fewer missed delivery promises for customers. Built-in data backup systems defend against prolonged downtime in the case of a catastrophic failure due to operational errors or exceptional circumstances such as lightning strikes. Comprehensive diagnostic and help tools built into the control aids troubleshooting the CNC and the machine to minimize the mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) problems. Free over the phone technical support, a comprehensive part inventory and highly skilled local technical resources also ensures the cost of machine downtime is minimized. A two-year parts and labor warranty, available extended service contract and production lifetime product support ensures that downtime costs stay low and predictable over the lifetime of your assets.


Higher resale value

The worldwide popularity of FANUC controls combined with the other factors of the lowest cost of ownership ensures the highest resale value for your machines when you decide to upgrade or dispose of excess equipment.

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